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Montag, 21 April 2008

Media Browser

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This is a director movie, which acts as shell to display and browse images with text descriptions. The same movie can be used in a browser or as a standalone app. All media is external and text and structure is provided via a simple xml-style text dokument.
It can be freely resized as application as well as in a browser. (Try it fullscreen)
It preloads the media of the selected modul and crossfades between the images (currently images, flash and rtf, see modul 5 for an example of flash and editable rtf text, for some yet unknown reason on some browsers the thumbnails for the swf only appear on the second time the album is loaded... :-(. The flash media is zoomable with a scrollwheel and can be dragged with the mouse once it is zoomed. The RTF or HTML text is editable on mouseclick, so that copy+paste is possible.
Here is an example showing and explaining some of my recent projects. Note, that each item can override the text on the left side, which can be styled and contain hyperlinks, if a rtf or html file is specified.

You can download the standalone version and give it a try. See the Readme file for further explanations on how you can set up albums by simply placing the dcr near the folder you want to browse and select it in the standalone applications in order to browse the contents of the folder, reorder the media, add comments to each and rotate, if necessary and save these settings to a xml file, which can be used by the dcr, when running in a browser.

Download Windows version
Download OSX version
If you are interested in a personalized version (different layout and captions), support for other media types (currently only bitmaps, flash and rtf is supported, but I can easily add shockwave3d, impressario PDF or quicktime support for example).
Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in a licence.

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