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Dienstag, 14 Oktober 2008

3-D Scene List Tool MIAW

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Use this movie in your Director Xtras folder to list all nodes of all 3-D members in your director movie in a hierarchical list. Important note:This movie is for my own purpose and not thouroughly tested. Please be aware, that it might contain bugs and incompatibilities. Use at your own risk!


  • Expand and collapse an hierarchie level by clicking on the little triangles at the left of an item or by doubleclicking an item
  • Expand/collapse all subnodes of an item by holding the Option/Alt key while opening/closing an item
  • Single click on an not selected item to select the node in the 3DPI (if the 3DPI is open at the same time. 3DPI is an indispensable tool, when working with shockwave3d in director)
  • Single click on a selected item to rename the node
  • Single click and hold down the mousebutton for a second and begin to drag to move an item in the hierarchie (move it outside to delete it)
  • Hold down the Option/Alt key when single clicking on an item to put a reference to it into the message window
  • Hold down the Option/Alt key AND the Shift key while clicking on an item to send a movielevel event to the stage (your movie). Note, the handler "mDoActionToHiermenuItem" must exist in one of your moviescripts. A property list with informations about the clicked item is provided as parameter to this handler.
  • Rollover the buttons to display a tooltip.
Refer to the Readme file contained in the Download for further description. (Readme
file online


Please note, that this version is not the most recent one. I transferred further development of the tool to an open source trac project, where you can always find the most recent version in trunk. see this blog post for further infos.

For the latest version of the tool check the trac project page at: After creating an account (I need that to keep spam robots away) you can go to the subversion repository -> "Browse Source" and checkout trunk as single zip file by directing your browser to and clicking on "Download in other formats: Zip Archive" at the bottom of the page


Sunday, 16.September 2007 02:58:17 alex wrote:

Created an open source trac project for Scenelist, see this blog post

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